Release notes

We often implement new features in new release to continually improve ObinsKit.

You can find our latest ObinsKit update introduction below.

ObinsKit 1.1.92021/10/15

  • Features:
  • 1. Using Obinskit when keyboard is connectd to the computer via bluetooth
  • 2. System Enhancement(current only for OS:windows)
  • 2.1 Lock keys notifacation:Caps Lock, Number lock, Scroll lock, Insert
  • 2.2 Control system volume: The default control step is 2 (On windows), the module allow you to change the step
  • 2.3 Control diplay: Using keyboard to control the display brightness; Change the input source of a display
  • Bug fix:
  • 1. No response when click the feedback menu on device list screen
  • 2. No response during the firmware upgrade process on Win7
  • 3. Other known bugs
Mac OS:.dmg

ObinsKit 1.1.72021/07/15

  • fix, double-clicking the desktop icon does not show the software interface on some computers
  • Other known bugs
Mac OS:.dmg

ObinsKit 1.1.42020/03/06

  • fix, Automatically entering IAP mode failed
  • fix, v1.1.3 is not able to update history firmware
  • fix, bug for macro edit
Mac OS:.dmg

ObinsKit 1.1.22020/02/14

  • Improvement, UI for keyboard general configuration
  • Improvement, UI for lighting, support mouse drag to select key area
  • New Feature:New UI for Macro(Requires keyboard firmware version higher than 2.14)
Mac OS:.dmg

ObinsKit 1.1.12019/08/22

  • Added language package, Italiano,Magyar,Bahasa Indonesia
  • Fixed, launch fail on some computers
Mac OS:.dmg

ObinsKit 1.1.02019/07/25

  • Added audio visualization (supported Windows and Linux, MacOS is under development)
  • Added lighting modes, Bubble Hall, Star Sky, Colorful, Wave, Black Hole, Vertical Rainbow, Flame, Fireworks, Ripples, Pulse, Starfall
  • Added language package, Polish, Russian and Thai
  • Improved, UI of firware upgrade
  • Improved, Feedback interface add button for "Debug Log"
  • Fixed, some keys is not correct during the process of record a macro
Mac OS:.dmg