80% TKL


NKROCompatible With BIOS


DIYRGB Backlight


DIYKeyboard Layout


Tap&Magic FN


NewQuick Num


PBT Double ShotKeycaps


Three-way Routing


Computer Driver


Lube Stabilizers
Last time, we added arrow keys to the 60.This time, we added a keypad to the 87.

Quick Num*

D87 p3-1
OFFD87 p3-2
OND87 p3-3
D87 s4

D87 supports full key macro board setting, you can set all kinds of key macro, one key to complete the original cumbersome complex content, support key combination.

Configurable Layout,NKRO.

D87 can save customized functions offline in the keyboard, and support the whole keyboard without any key punch, that is, press all keys at one time without key conflict. Make sure you use it at work and in your games!*BIOS is supported with N-key rollover.

D87 p6
Six-key RolloverNKRO
PBT Double Shot Injection Molding KeycapsLess wear out.

D87 adopts the PBT Double shot keycaps with professional mechanical keyboard standard, the surface of the delicate abrasive texture makes it have a unique fingertip touch, not easy to fade and oil.

D87 p4
No damping feet + Special greaseLube stabilizers to improve quality.

D87 key using stabilizer design, after professional players repeatedly adjust and test, the final use of special grease and no shock foot false shaft, to ensure the best keyboard key feel.

D87 p7-1
Lube StabilizersNew Mould
More details,Well-designed.

D87 designed a two-section foot support and a three-direction line groove.

Two-section foot support bring three different keyboard angles.

Three-direction line groove make the desktop more clean and simple.

D87 p7-2
Three-direction line grooveTwo-section foot
*In the picture, the actual length of the cable is about 1.8M.
Professional driverDIY keys and macro.

The software is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS, supports full-key RGB customization, macro settings and full-key programming.

  • Full key support dynamic, static RGB custom lighting effects.
  • D87 p8-1
    Lighting ProfilesDynamic Light Color TableColor Palette
  • All keys can be customized through the driver.
  • D87 p8-2
    LayoutCustom keysCharacter selection
  • Full key support macro customization, can be arbitrarily modified key and time, support key combination.
  • D87 p8-3
    Keycode parameter modificationKey code duration
D87 p9-1
  • Wired
  • USB (Windows 7/8/10、Mac、Linux)
  • Size
  • 370 x 144 x 40mm
  • Weight
  • 1090±50g
  • Backlighting
  • LED Patch RGB Lamp Bead
  • Keycaps
  • PBT keycaps (PBT material, Two-Shot Injection Molding, Thermal Dye Sublimation)
  • Shell Process
  • ABS + Spray Paint
  • USB Input Voltage
  • 5V DC
  • USB Working Current
  • 500mA Max