60% Dual Mode Mechanical Keyboard
Explore & Generous
Black Crystal
Polar light

When does the night become colorful because of the light, like the polar light, ever changing.

Sometimes, the shooting stars streak across the sky, lit up the whole dark night.

Freedom & Individuality
White Crystal

Keep silent at dark night until dawn.

You are lively, you are quiet, like the crystal, your name is Dewdrop

Customizable RGB backlighting

Multiple customizable on-board light effects, and up to 20 backlighting animate effects
High refresh rate, No flickering on shooting
Music Rhythm
Audio VisualizationView full video

Multiple light modes to create a cool desktop

Capture system audio, currently only available for Windows
Car racing
Built-in motion sensor

Linear steering, precise drifting

Game in test: DiRT 4

Hot swappable keyswitch, PC clear keycaps

More Features

Four Layers

Onboard & Customizable keycode
Add more keys such as Media, Mouse, Macro and unique controls for the keyboard

High-speed keyscan

Advanced debounce algorithm
USB: NKRO, 1000HZ return rate
Bluetooth LE 5.0: 6KRO, stable connection

Long battery life

Quick sleep and wakeup
The battery life will last up to 2000 hours without backlightNote1


Two functions with one key
Click to trigger the arrow keys; Press and hold to trigger the modifier keys

Magic FN

Customize the position of a FN Key
Click is Capslock; Press and hold is Fn1/Fn2


Quick trigger with one key
Quick Input
Combination of shortcut keys
The picture shows the shortcut key combination of copying the current line to the next line,
and binding the macro, such as FN1 + D

System Enhancement

Requires launch software: Hexcore Link

Custom step size (1-10) of the volume key on keyboard


Set the display brightness(Includes external monitors)

Lock Key

Show notification on state change of CapsLock, NumberLock and ScrollLock

  • Product
  • Wired Mode
  • USB (Windows, macOS, Linux)
  • Wireless Mode
  • Bluetooth LE5.0 (Windows8/10/11, macOS, Linux)
  • Size
  • 97*284*40mm
  • Weight
  • 516±50g
  • Battery Capacity
  • 1900mAh
  • Battery Type
  • Li-On Rechargeable Battery
  • Light
  • Keycaps
  • PC
  • Shell Material
  • ABS
  • USB Working Voltage
  • 5V DC
  • USB Working Current
  • 500mA Max
  • Switch
  • Yes
Note1: In-house lab test data
ANNE PRO 2d sku